Vendors, Consumers, and Initiative 71 Compliance

by Admin Admin

Purchasing cannabis in the District of Columbia can be straight forward and simple process. It is important to understand that under Initiative 71 the direct sale of cannabis is prohibited, but adults can give up to 1 ounce of cannabis to another adult for free. But how does an adult purchase cannabis in DC? The answer is a Vendor. 

Vendors are the most crucial aspect of this industry. They are small businesses that specialize in the sale of specific items, but NOT cannabis. Under I-71 compliance, vendors will sell the consumers any item that is the same value of the cannabis but not cannabis itself. After the transaction is complete the vendor can gift the cannabis to the consumer for free. But where can adults find these vendors? 

Social media platforms and other websites are the best places for adults to contact vendors. The consumer can communicate directly with the vendors in the market. People can also search for vendors on other websites but they should be aware if the website they’re on is in compliance with I-71. 

Once the consumer has made contact with the vendor, the vendor will arrange for either a pickup or delivery and meet the consumer. Generally this process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. As long as both the vendor and consumer are acting with compliance to I-71, this process is completely legal in DC.

Adults can also attend pop-up events at nightclubs where vendors can display their items. Vendors will often give the adults attending pop-ups free cannabis just for paying admission fees. Consumers should be wary of these pop-up events. The DC police have been cracking down on these events and have arrested consumers and vendors. Everyone must be acting in compliance with I-71, because the police will interrupt the law in the strictest manner. 

Vendors are fully allowed to sell any of their products to the public as long as the cannabis is the item that is being exchanged for money. Take this example, John Doe would purchase a magnet from the vendor, the vendor will then arrange a meeting with John Doe and sell him the magnet and take his money. Then after the transaction is complete, the vendor will hand over the cannabis to John Doe for FREE. This is how weed in dc delivery works for consumers.