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Galactic jack Marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid consisting of an increased THC presence level (approx 23%). Galactic Jack plants yield large buds with a noticeable coating of trichomes, and it is suggested to be grown indoors only. This strain is useful for healing depression, Insomnia, PTSD, Stress, and anxiety. 

  • Some cannabis patients find that this blend can enable them to control arthritis or Crohn's disease problems.
  • This strain has an intense and uplifting light energy that works perfectly for the working person who wants to enjoy cannabis while still completing all their everyday tasks promptly.

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THC: 26%

Height: Tall

Yield: Medium

CBD: 1%

Hybrid: Jack Herer x Space Queen

Taste/Aroma: it gives a lemon taste after exhaling. In aroma, you will find traces of sweet lemonade and hints of citrus.