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Strawberry cough strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid that comprises Sativa and Indica in an 8:2 ratio. Such cannabis strain is many users' first choice as its effects are relaxing and powerful. It comprises 80% of Sativa and 20% of unknown Indica, which is still cryptic. 

  • This flower is popular and useful for multiple purposes. 
  • It has unknown genetic origins and is said to be a cross of strawberry fields. 
  • Above all, this marijuana strain consists of the least THC that does not make anyone high. 
  • It has great benefits of using in both the medical field and getting high. 

Aroma & Taste: 

  • One can experience the sweet smell of fresh strawberries by using this strawberry cough kush strain. 
  • You can buy strawberry cough marijuana strain to get a berry flavored taste with a sweet aromatic presence. 
  • This strain is overall popular for its lovely smell and delicious taste.


  • This strain's top-quality flowers are massive and thick. 
  • The bud structure of such marijuana strains is solid and contains densely packed leaves. 
  • The leaves of this flower are slightly yellowish, and these are covered with gloomy amber trichomes. 


  • Strawberry cough online promotes focus and headedness. 
  • It is responsible for managing anxiety, stress, and depressive feelings.
  • You can go ahead with this option to get relief from migraines and other severe headaches. 
  • The strain also results in a person's increased appetite, wherein people struggling with hunger issues will get benefits. 

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